Child Labour Ministry


The word child labor can be defined that when the children are forced to work in very sever and hard circumstances in the initial stage of their growth. The Child labor has become a burning question in these days. In Pakistan children are exploited in majority. Sometimes a child has to work in twelve hours in a day and six days in a week. They earn a very little amount of money, which is approximately $1.25 in a day. Many children do not have medical facilities and they have to work even in poor health. Many children are compelled to work in brick kiln. Apart from this, many children are forced to work in teashops and restaurants.

The Children can be observed working in workshops and eateries. Why have children been victimizing to operate factories and firms? There are few factors which made the children to operate the in brick kiln. Overpopulation is another factor of child labor, because parents do not have enough sources to earn money to feed their kids, so they send their children to work in garages and workshops. Illiteracy is another reason of child labor, parents do not have sufficient knowledge, what are they doing. And they have to send their innocent kids to work in front of furnace.

The population of Pakistan is 145 million while the population of USA is 285 million. RH team watch the miserable condition of child labor in Pakistan he take a step to do something for these children. RH ministries conducted survey and arrange seminars to know route the causes of this problem. RH team discussed and prays for this issue so our team decided to start child labor ministry. Our team visits those places like restaurants, bricks kiln, workshops, roads, street hawkers, and villages. We meet the kids and get the information about the parents of them then we meet the parents of kids and convince about the education. RH Ministries is giving free education to these children.