Disaster Relief

We are providing Emergency Relief in over all Pakistan in Natural Deasters means , Flood , Earth quack , Bomb blast etc

More than 7 years’ experience delivering humanitarian assistance throughout the Pakistan, RHM has a strong background in emergency vigilance and response. RHM adheres to the possible standards to the greatest extent possible in all of its emergency work to ensure that disaster-affected populations are at least able to meet their basic right to live a life with dignity.

RHM works directly with affected communities and local partners to help restore and strengthen their pre-disaster capacities. Rescue For Heaven Ministries responds to both natural disasters and, complex emergencies i.e. bomb blast, that describes today's violent conflicts often involving intra-state conflicts with regional implications. Complex emergencies result in massive numbers of dead or injured victims and internally displaced persons, gross violations of human rights and large-scale disruption of people's livelihoods. Complex emergencies are often intensified by natural disasters.

Core Relief Activities

Nutrition & Food
Rescue For Heaven Ministries provides food for the general population and undernourished individuals when people's normal ability to access food is dislocated by disaster. Maintaining sufficient nutritional status is especially important during the grave stage of an emergency when people have little or no access to food.

Rescue For Heaven Ministries implements a range of emergency health programming such as support to local or outreach injured victims in blasts and to individuals with impaired eyesight, cancer and tuberculosis to meet vital health needs and access to basic medicines.

RHM also implements on national-scale distributions of essential household supplies such as cooking pots, water containers, blankets, soap, and hygiene items during emergency responses e.g. floods and earthquake hit places.

Financial Support
RHM is doing direct financial support to effected family for unseen Expenses in emergency Condition.