Legal Advocacy

Our slogan for legal advocacy is
which means sharing in facing hardships and could not afford legal adocacy

We interact with such people to pull them out of danger and injustice. Our advocates are working for justice and legal matters. Christians in our society are oppressed and under cruel clutches of majority. Christians are facing child labor, rape and social injustice. Rescue For Heaven Ministries speaks out on the issues of peace and justice, poverty and human rights.

Legal Advocacy and Legal Education raises awareness and encourages action in local congregations and Christian society and we are working with full authentication in Lahore, Pakistan and in broader meanings we are trying to bring faithful public witness to critical policy questions against discrimination of Christians. Advocacy priorities and shaped by the positions of the Rescue For Heaven Ministries'

Board and aiming to work with other Churches of within the local vicinity. We have Resolutions, to bring justice and peace legally. We are well informed by the first-hand experience of our Global partners and their communities around the world. We just need strong prayers from our web visitors so that we grow more and more in this field of legality.