Women Prayer Meetings

Though a woman busy in the daily household work and she does not have a spare time but our core team step up and after some discussion Rescue For Heaven Ministries established a Prayer Ministry.

Welcome to our "Women Prayer Ministry" which is offering Christian support through prayers. Women can pray for fertility challenges, including infertility or the death of a baby at any time from conception through early infancy, joblessness, and for many other miracles. Through Women's Prayer Ministry,

God has blessed women richly with prayers. All sisters seem very grateful that they are living in a world where women from different backgrounds can come together and support each other through prayers and worship. The Lord has shown a great revival among women in response to the prayers offered in these prayer groups.

Many have tasted miracles through this ministry. Let us all join hands with one accord and pray to the most High God for a revival in the lives of women. Pray for Rescue For Heaven Ministries so that we can more and more the religious up gradation. Through this ministry our women can be transformed into a wise and precious priceless pearl