I am ASAD REHMAN,I accepted Jesus Christ many years ago. I am now preaching gospel in Muslims and Hindu till to date. I belongs to a high-status Muslim family & I was then took interest in Christianity. I reached to an ultimatedecision that Jesus is the only way for salvation.Upon my decision, my family & relatives became angry and triedto kill me because I accept Jesus Christ.So, I left my home, disown my property andstartedanew life as a stranger in Christian community. I admitted that Jesus Lord called me to serve in gentile nations. In 2010, I faced life threat by a Muslim landlord.

Consequently, I moved to Punjab from SIND. I along with my wife and childrenconfrontedthrough many glitches.My business had been ruined, and was homeless. Somehow, RESCUE FOR HEAVEN MINISTRIES came to know about me. They show kind and loving behavior for me. Afterwards, they provide me with shelter and provide me a facility to get my kids admitted in school and gave me support for evangelism in gentile nations. I appreciate RH MINISTRIES for their ultimate support in those terrible times.


My name is MUSRAT FALAKSHAIR. I am professionally a fashion designer. This is a privilege for me to work with RESCUE FOR HEAVEN MINISTRIES In their Project GULSHAN SEWING C E N T R E. I was actually running my own business and earned reasonable amount. On 6 February 2009,a terrible day for me that one of the customers from elite class invited me embraced ISLAM. I argued in favor of my faith mean Christians’ faith but she said some discouraging words against Christianity.

When I stood firm about my faith and informed her not to speak like this she showed arrogance and warned me harshly to destroy my business. She wanted me to become Muslim by force. I was much worried about my bussiness and family.

My business was fully closed and I started looking for a job but as I have started discouraging by the majority of other Muslim business men owner because I rejected the Islam. I was facing crisis and looking a miserable life ahead.But when read the God’s Word it encouraged me to face the devil monster. I waited and waited for the job met with the management of RH Ministries. Then I join this STITCHING TRAINING SCHOOL as a trainer. Now I am working with RH Ministries and living an honorable and reasonable life.


My name is Sumaira Bibi. I belong to a rural area of Pakistan. I was working as a bricks maker and my husband is a disable person and unable to work. I have 5 children. Due to crisis I have decided to live in Youhanabad Lahore Pakistan. I was looking for a bright future but I haven’t any skill so that why I was not able to get any good job.

So, I started work in Muslim institute as a sweeper. I was not happy to do that and the salary was very low. It was very low salary and I couldn’t meet with my both ends. I was focused on my husband treatment. I was not able to pay the fee of my children. One day I heard about GULSHAN SEWING CENTRE.It was a good opportunity for me to do something for my family.

. I got training of Tailoring in good and the environment there was lovely. I got diploma of my training from RESCUE FOR HEAVEN MINISTRIES. It is an authorized organization from government of Pakistan. After that I started my own business as part time to making ladies bags. In some months God blessed my business and I have starting to earn my own money. Now at this time I am running my own business full time and my children are getting education in a school of RESCUE FOR HEAVEN MINISTRIES .

5 women are working in with me and I gave them employment. The all credit goes RESCUE FOR HEAVEN MINISTRIES (Pakistan). I am thankful to GULSHAN SEWING CENTRE & RESCUE FOR HEAVEN MINISTRIES.