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Shalokh is a 7 year old boy .His mother is Shehnaz and father is Javed. His father was a mason by profession. Income wasn't enough for the family. Circumstances of the home were running hardly each day. His mother was a house keeper in a school. Both were working for the house hold. His father died because of a swear heart problem. After his death the family didn't have any elder at home to earn for family .Shalokh left his school after 1st grade due to bad financial situations & problems. Shalokh was very small at that time. It was hard for his mother to grow his child and do work. She used to get help from others for her son. Shalokh wasn't getting studies and stayed at home. After sometime his mother wasn't physically fit due to some physical health problem.

The problem was becoming more and more horrible. She didn't know that it was a famous killing problem. As the time was spending She was getting in a swear illness. She couldn't take care of his son due to illness she left the job and stayed at bed for a long time. She didn't have money for her Physical checkup. Shalokh was very upset due to all this. Shalokh had a friend His name was Arsalan. He was his friend of school when he was a student at school. One day Shalokh suddenly met him when he came at his home .Arsalan told his father about the death of Shalokh's father and the condition of his mother. In emergency they took her to doctor. Doctor declared that it was a cancer and the stage was last. She had no more time. Arsalan family wasn't also good by financial situation that they could help Shalokh. Shalokh left alone it was not good to live alone for Shalokh. Arsalan father came to know about our 'Mother Care Centre '.He had visited in orphanage and told everything about Shalokh's life condition. Now Shalokh is safe and living in Orphanage.

Sam Mukhtar / Mishaim Mukhtar/ Minahil Mukhtar / Mishal Mukhtar/ Sahil Mukhtar

Sam Mukhtar is a 6 years old boy. His family was alone because their relatives left them due to their financial status. They were upset. He is the second baby of his parents. He has two brothers and two sisters, Mishiam’s age is 8 years, Mishal is of 7 years, Sahil is 5 years old and Minahil is 3 years old. He was living a poor and bad life. His father died by the heart attack and his name was Mukhtar .They were living in a small village and hardly were surviving their daily life because Mukhtar was doing a small earning job .He was newly in his heart problem was new at that time and he didn’t have money for the treatment of his problem. Mukhtar wanted to give good education to his children but due to their bad financial situation his children weren’t getting the studies.

He was very disheart for his children and family even he wasn’t able to fulfill their daily needs. In the village there were no system of good studies and nobody was responsible for the good living of the families there. Sam’s mother’s name is Khalida Mukhtar. She was a working lady before her marriage she had worked in the farms so after her husband’s death she again got involved in doing the past work but she was passing through so many difficulties because she was the mother of five children and was earning alone in the family. She was very upset and had left the hope. She didn’t find any way. One day team of RH Ministries visited that village, helped her family and took her children with them for the better future. MCC took all the responsibilities of the children including, food, shelter, studies even marriages. Now they are part of MOTHER CARE ORPHAN CENTRE.

Zahid Shahid / Prince Sahahid / Aster Shahid

Zahid Shahid is 12, Prince Shahid is 10 and Aster Shahid is 8 years old are siblings. They belong to small village .Now they are part of MCC. Mr. Shahid was a father of them. He died with cancer some years ago. They were living in a rented home so right after his death they had lost their home. Their mother did a low salary job to maintain her home’s expanses. She wasn’t able to get financial or other support from her parents and relatives because of the clashes between the both families. She didn’t have so much good skill that she could get the good salary job. Her children were very small in their ages to do any work. She was doing a job as a House keeper in their village. All the expanses were getting so much high because her children were growing so fast. She also wanted to give her children an educated and good life but that time she wasn’t able to do all that. For sometime her children had ignored due to the family situations. Nobody helped them to make their ways easier.

The children’s education had stopped due to their crises and father’s sudden death. They had faced a lot crisis for a long time. After some time their mother faced many people in her life who had given her bad suggestions like bad ways to get much money. Sometimes she thought to choose those ways but never tried. It was not good for her to stay alone and support her children. Still she was doing her best for her family. Day by day their problems were becoming more. To fulfill their all needs she had no way. Due to all these problems her job was also getting disturbed and affected one day our team visited in that village and she meet with us .She got a way to give her children a best future due to the orphanage. Now her children are growing good in our orphanage by God’s grace. They are studying and getting all things that they want. They are happy in new life in Mother Care orphan Centre.

Esha Johnsan / Minisha Johnsan / Tabita Johnsan / Adan Johnsan / Mishal johnson

Esha is 13 Minisha is 11, Tabita 8, Adnan 6 & Mishal 4 year’s old 4 sisters & 1 brother. Johnson was father of them. He was drugs taker and he was not able do any job. He always out of control with drugs and sleeping all the day. Nazia was wife of Johnson and she was always caring about her children and husband. She was facing financial problem and she join job as sweeper. During the job she fall in love with another man .He was owner of the house where she was working. When her husband feels that she is busy to in that another man so he can’t beat that. One day he was trying to stop that relation but Nazia was not accepting to leave her relation because she was deeply involved with this wrong relation. One day she makes plan to kill Johnson. One day Johnson was sleeping in his home and Nazia killed him with knife and run away with her boyfriend to leave the kids. Kids were living in the father’s parents. After two months police arrested Nazia and send her to jail. The family of Johnson is totally destroyed. One day we got call from grandparents of them so we meet with them and adopted the children.

Martha Javed / Zamran Javed

Martha is 10 years old girl .She is the first baby of her parents. She has a brother named Zamran .He is five years old boy. Their mother's was a house wife. Mothers name was Shehnaz. Mother died when she gave birth to her younger son Zamran. After their mother’s death they were living with her father. Father’s name was Javed. Mother was a house wife. All was going good but without a mother but they were happy with their father. Their father loved them so much and fulfilled all their needs. They were living alone together.

They weren't in the contact of other relatives due to some clashes. It was very difficult for Javed to grow his children alone. So he got married for his children but second wife of Javed wasn’t good with his children behind him. He didn't know about all this. The condition of both the children was not good due to the ignorance of their step mother. Situations got more difficult because their step mother wasn't good to them. When they were at school they got the news of their father's sudden accident while he was going to job. Doctors took him in their custody and did his treatment but he just lived for a month. Martha and Zamran were alone. Martha and Zamran didn't have anyone just a father who died.

They had never expected this life. Relatives hate them. They had no way for them. All had stopped. They just had a home and nothing to eat. Studies of them had stopped. They spent Hungry and hard days of their life. Those relatives snatched their home. It was the property of their father and them. Zamran was a child. Martha took his brother with herself to the Orphanage because before she had watched the Orphanage it was near their house and that was our 'Orphan Care Centre' where she came. She told the entire story and requested to take them. Now they are the member of our Orphanage.

Sabir Aslam / Abid Aslam / Waseem Aslam

Sabir is 11, Abid is 8 and Waseem is 6 years old .They are three sons of Mr. Aslam. Their mother’s name is Aasia. Aslam was working on bricks factory as slave labor. Once he saw owner of bricks factory raping Christian girl. He tries to stop them for saving life of girl. They beat him badly and try to kill him. He was injured badly but they can’t kill him front of all the people. He was still doing job there because he was slave labor. He was again busy in his work for some months all people were thinking situation is normal same like first. But owner of factory always dislike him finding way to kill him.

One day he was working late at night two people come and kill him with knife. They were living in the cottages of Factory after death of Aslam his wife was working there to clear finance of his husband. Children was also going to mother and do work hard with mother. We visited there and collect the kids for the bright future. Now she is still under the debit of factory and still working there.

Suneha Nazam / Merry Nazam

Suneha Nazam & Merry Nazam is sisters. Suneha is 11 & Merry is 9 Years old. They are innocent and don’t know about hard turns of life. Their Father’s name is Nazam he died in the childhood of them. Safia was mother of Suneha and Marry. She is uneducated house wife. She hasn’t any skill to do any official and other job. After death of her husband she was in crises even they haven’t any food for them. She had started working at different places as sweeper and chief but couldn’t get much money. After that she met with sex industry group.

They focused to get her attraction in that business and they offer her to handsome salary for this work. She was needy at that time and she accepted opportunity to fulfill the need of herself. She was getting involved very deep in that business that was not good for Merry and Suneha. When she was in this business some people were there who wanted to send her to another place for their work and money. She doesn’t want to go there. It was all destroying her daughter’s future and life and she can’t live without her daughters.

Mery’s mother was also worried from inside for her daughter’s future but couldn’t do anything because she was badly involved in that business. She tries to hide them from sex industry people because they send her another place. But she couldn’t hide herself from them one night she was sleeping in her house with daughter some people came to in her home and they kidnapped her. Merry and Suneha don’t know what was happening there. That was last time when they met mother of them. After they kidnapped her she never came back not anyone knows that she was alive or not. Merry and Suneha were living with an old couple. They reached to us and request us to adopt them. We quickly respond them according to situation and now the kids are with us in mother care centre. They are happy now and enjoying life.

Gulzar Basharat / Asad Basharat

Gulzar is 11 and Asad is 9 years boy. We found them when they were working as child labor in bricks kiln. Basharat is working in bricks factory from many years. Mother of them is died some years ago with high diabetes. Her name was Sugraan. Gulzar & Asad were living with father on bricks factory in cottages as slave labor and working with father. Basharat was alone growing them but one day he slipped and broke his leg and arm. After this that he was not able to do proper work and can’t survive with children.

He is slave and can’t go anywhere until he hasn’t pay back money of the factory owners. When factory owner saw that is he not able to work so they him give work of security guard and kids were working and making bricks on the place of father. It is also very difficult for all of them they until they are not able to pay back money. Some people inform us about the condition of this family and we talk to factory owner and we push them to release child.

Basharat is still working there until he is not able to pay back money. Now we collect the kids from there and now kids are living with us. They are going to school. They are happy with new Life in MCOC.

Dia Sunny / Rose Sunny / Hasroon sunny

Rose is 8, Dia is 5, and Hasroon is 3 years old. They are two sisters and one brother. Sunny was an electrician by profession. One day he was working suddenly break a main wire of electricity touch to sunny and he died at the spot.

His wife Sheena was house wife. They were living in village and they don’t have job opportunity .Sheena was not able to do job with kids because they are very small kids they can’t survive without mother. Job was very necessary for her so she started job to fulfill the needs of kids but that was very difficult for kids and mother.

Someone tell her about mother care centre and she come to us with kids. We investigate from her village about her story that was true story so we accepted them. Now they are part of MCOC.