Food Distribution

Widows are present in all societies of world. In our culture where our ladies always stay at home and take care of the children and home, it is very difficult for any lady to face this situation.

When the earning hand and head of the family is deceased, problems start for the family and especially for the widow. It becomes very difficult for the lady to run the house and make both ends meet. The situation becomes worse when a Christian becomes widow. She faces discrimination in all activities of life. She also mentally tortured by the society.

When she goes out for work she being a raw hand without education and any skill. She may have to work as maid in any house to earn her living and keep her kitchen running. RH Ministries felt that we should do something about these needy and poor widows. We decided to give them food package so at least they don't have to worry about their kitchen. We invite application from widows and decide to help them. It was kind of work which is very rarely being done in Pakistan. We give food package enough for 5 person for full one month. Items in package include flour, sugar, rice and many other items which are needed every day.